We received photos and information about a highly modern 200 square meter apartment located in Warsaw, Poland. According to the description provided by the design team at Hola Design, the main challenge was to separate the additional room without loosing impression of spatiality and reconcile variety of materials which Investors love, while still ensuring overall cohesion. The owners wanted to have a diverse apartment, with an original and vibrant feel. They also liked the idea of nature inside and encouraged use of uncommon materials.

Here is more from the designers: “We created an apartment in which every wall has its own design. On one side of the main corridor you can find upholstered panels with copper brackets. On the other side there is a black glass with a 3D laminated picture of trees. Full high doors were dressed in black polished lacquer. On the bottom of these doors there is a night LED lighting. We’ve used modified oak veneer on walls and custom made furniture. Floors are covered with stained oak and natural basalt stone“. How would you comment on the unusual mix of textures and materials in this Warsaw apartment?