There are people who think luxury design is wasteful and there are those who sustain it because it produces a comfortable feeling of wellbeing. Feeling good in the intimacy of your home is one of the most important things and basically, the concept around which gravitate the architects and designers. The Caruth Boulevard Residence, located in Dallas, Texas has been designed by the Dallas-based architect, Tom Reisenbichler , an important personality in the world of design.

Sustainability played a very important role in developing this project. Solar panels, the use of recycled materials, the care towards the landscape with the trees and the lush untouched vegetation, these details remind us of the architect’s special interest in…life ( he developed several grand healthcare architectural projects, trying constantly to improve the healing environment). This cozy neighborhood home combines luxury with green design, proving that one does not exclude the other. The architect wanted to design a house that fits into the landscape: “Integrated tightly into the large iconic trees on the site, this house uses traditional home proportions to blend with the neighborhood. The horizontal lines of the design tie the home to the land, while the roof and balcony reach into the trees making them integral to the home.”  Empowering and sophisticated, the interior mixes natural materials such as hardwood, marble and stone bricks. A built-in fireplace completes the living room décor. Spacious, cozy and elegant, the Caruth Boulevard Residence looks incredibly appealing!

Photography by Bret Janek