If you are one of those iPhone enthusiasts who love to solve everything around the house by simply launching an app, we have an interesting solution for you today. Tado° is an iPhone controllable thermostat which can help reduce energy costs in your apartment. How is this possible? Here is an explanation from the producers: “A key element of tado° is a small box connected to your heating system. It replaces an existing thermostat on the wall or is attached directly to the heating boiler. It communicates with your smartphone using your home Internet connection“.

Your smartphone automatically sends information to the Box over the internet about when and how to heat your home, depending on where you are.It works like a personal heating assistant, helping consumers to cut their heating costs by an average of 27%. To achieve this, the temperature of the home is adjusted precisely to the behavior of the residents – in a fully automatic process“.  Basically, the system (found on Mocoloco) does three things: it turns down the heating when the last person leaves the house, it turns the heating back up before someone gets home and also heats the house less when the sun is shining. Impressed?