Duque y Zamora Arquitectos completed the design for a generously-sized modern home in Villanueva de Pría, Spain. The residence pays tribute to energy efficiency and sustainability. Part of a joint project that includes three other houses, Villa EntreEncinas consists of a compact volume, partially hidden in the steep terrain. To the south, there is a solar collector, which sits on the flat area of the plot. Its height does not exceed that of the surrounding treetops.

From the 1st floor, the view is not interrupted and the light shines with greater intensity and duration. This was the perfect place to position the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The private areas are located on the ground floor. According to the architects, the materials used for the construction were  non-toxic, with a low environmental impact for a healthy indoor environment,  mostly of organic origin and 100% renewable: “laminated wood for prefabricated structures, insulation cork for façade and roof, cellular glass insulation under slab, piping, wiring and electrical equipment polypropylene lime plaster facade, roof garden, PVC curtains and blinds, and natural limestone flooring and bamboo“.