If you recall, a while back we published an intriguing cathedral art installation on Freshome, built from no less than 55000 led lights in Belgium. This particular project we would like to showcase today is somewhat similar. One of the standout pieces at the famous light in art and architecture festival Glow in Eindhoven, the Netherlands last year was a flashy dome, entitled Cupola and made of LED lights by Luminarie De Cagna.

Discovered on My Modern Met, this unusual installation is 25 meters high, 20 meters wide and features 30 000 LED lights. Its shape may pay tribute to the Italian Renaissance, but the colorful lighting display is as modern as it gets. The dome accommodates the bronze statue of Anton Philips, considered the father of the city of Eindhoven. This year’s Glow festival is programmed from November 10 till 17. If you are in the area, enjoy the show and tell us how it went!