We were recently sent photos and information about a colorful bedroom design, which we would love to share further. According to the designers at Neopolis, this children’s bedroom was implemented for a young family and their small daughter (three years old). Here is more from the press release we received: “There is just one kid in the family yet, but in the case of a second child (boy) the room is designed in neutral colors – white, ivory, bright wood. There are two big storage spaces in the interior:  one big wardrobe for clothes and one big closed cupboard for toys. Beds are orientated in one line – head to head“.

The tables are all height-adjustable and there is a large open storage space for books right above them. The focal point of the room is an interesting light decorative object over the beds, in the shape of a tree. Circle decoration are used on some of the furniture items  as well. The entire room displays fresh, bright colors, inspiring happy feelings. Fins it as cozy as we do?