Michael Malone Architects, a studio design from Dallas, Texas has recently defined a gorgeous residential project, aiming to bring together a sophisticated design style and a stunning green site, creating a particular spot that induces a strong feeling of leisure and recreation. The Raven Lake Ranch is a modern ranch, with sub-urbanesque details, neat, elegant and last, but not least, spacious. The project spreads over 2,700 square foot, being surrounded by a private emerald-like garden, offering an interesting view over the maze of trees. The clients were really satisfied with the work, pointing on the strong connection with the nature: “It’s as close as you can get to living outdoors and being sheltered”.

Simple from the outside, but extremely glamorous on the inside, the Raven Lake Ranch is fascinating in every single way. By restoring classic design and adding a glimpse of contemporary to it, the interior becomes significantly modern and somehow, more functional. Neutral tones populate the living and impressing floor to ceiling windows let the light and nature “flood” the house. The ceilings are a little bit higher than what we are used to, emphasising the house’s precious look. Rich and opulent chandeliers embellish the living room, while candles are used for a more romantic décor.