We love lofts and we love Scandinavian design! Add a touch of contemporary and a good designer, such as Jimmy Schonning and there you have, the perfect recipe to gain our hearts! Nothing works better for guys than a super sophisticated attic with creative storage solutions, sober colours and concrete, giving you a subtle feeling of industrial and functional approach towards the masculine lifestyle. This 495 square meters attic loft is more than a simple residential project for a client. It’s Jimmy Schonning’s private home, the place where ideas are stored or as other say, the place where the magic happens! We are talking about the creative process, of course!

Located in Söder, a fancy neighbourhood in the cosmopolite Stockholm, the attic apartment has plenty of masculine influences. Comfortable black leather couches, built-in closets, raw concrete stairs and stylish metallic-aluminum elements of décor define the personality of the artist. A nice fireplace heats the interior. The smell of wood tickles the senses, reminding of some frosty winter days spent in the intimacy of a cabin, lost in the mountains. A spheric art-inspired chandelier completes the living room, spreading a warm light and making an impression on those who end up seeing it. Despite the personal items showcased all over the house, the attic loft exhales simplicity. A simple lined kitchen, unpretentious plants sprinkled here and there, dark-coloured walls complete the décor. Beautiful, isn’t it?