Displaying a striking contrast between open indoor spaces and its cloistered exterior, the Hard Werken residence by I.S.M.Architecten has strong modern vibe. By trying to achieve a minimum landscape intrusion, the architects chose the black color for the exterior walls and integrated the project in a naturally sloped terrain: “The volume of the house is partially pushed in the slope resulting in a facade that is limited in height. The addition of a long horizontal window between ground and first floor gives the house a certain lightness. As a result, the house stands modestly against the backdrop of the landscape.

According to the architects, the circulation was one of the starting points for the design of the house: “The stairs are positioned next to a glass wall that reflects the transparency of the outer shell. The upstairs hallway contains all the bedroom cabinets, the skylights provide natural light. All circulation on the ground floor is situated adjacent to the patio and flow naturally in the surrounding spaces.” The residence is located in Kessel-Lo, Belgium and by the looks of the photos below, it takes full advantage of its privileged environment.