The outstanding attachment towards nature, made a Canadian family decide to move their permanent home…into the woods. Gestion René Desjardins, the Canadian studio that completed the interior of this particular house, had to “investigate” what their clients wanted. Located in the rural Quebec, Maison du Boisé is a contemporary home in the middle of the woods. The clients requested a home that is modern, without being “minimalistic”. Moreover, they wanted a space that provides freedom of movement for their three children.

After gathering ideas and suggestions, the designers managed to create a fun place,  offering “fluid circulation for joyful fun of all kinds”.  The theatrical high ceilings remind us of the classical architecture where grand means gorgeous. The designers explain: “Reinterpreted from a modern perspective, the coffered ceilings, theatrical openings in the passages and wide matt-white mouldings running along the base of the silk-grey walls combine to create a sense of elegance and harmony, but, surprisingly they bring comfort, too.”  Wide windows complete the décor, showcasing the beautiful green site, inviting you to relax, enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and explore the surroundings. Gorgeous spherical chandeliers adorn the living and the dining room and playful tones of purple add some fun to the ambiance.