Inspired by the natural mountainous landscape,Villa Midgård is a project defined by DAPstockholm, in the cosmopolite capital of Sweden. The exquisite residence spreads over 402 square meters and it has been completed in 2011. The client envisioned a space that unveils the natural beauty of the site. The architects focused on creating a place that inspires a comfortable feeling of warmth and relaxation. The main idea was to create an intimate retreat, where details such as listening to the pouring rain or welcoming the morning sun to the master bedroom, became relevant.

The result is a multi-facade house, ideal for disconnecting from a crowded lifestyle. The playful mix of volumes allow you to perceive Villa Midgård in seven unique ways. The cut-outs in the rocks that surround the house and the volumes play an essential role in defining the house’s character. The infinity pool gives you the feeling that you immerse gently into the void of wilderness, deep into the forest. The garage’s roof is fully covered with grass and the main materials reflect the human need of connecting with its natural environment: ceramic granite, marble and walnut. The interior is characterised by simple lines, neat details and a luminous atmosphere.