There is something about wooden cabins covered with snow that makes us shiver. Today we would like to present this extravagant rustic-meets-contemporary residence located in Telluride mountain village, Colorado, USA and designed by TruLinea Architects in collaboration with Studio Frank. Initially built in the 80s, this dream holiday-inspiring lodge was recently “upgraded” in order to meet the demands of contemporary living.

The result is an original abode, artistically camouflaged in a perfect natural landscape. The core of the cabin is an open plan living and dining space, preserving traditional details, yet added plenty of modern elements as well. A minimalist fireplace perfectly blends in the overall decor, adding a feeling of coziness to an otherwise sober atmosphere. Answering the owners’ need for a ” rough, organic and timeless” home, the architects managed to combine a variety of materials and textures into genuine spaces, while also considering the sustainability factor. How would you comment on the overall design of this cabin?