We received photos and information about a striking residential makeover by KNQ Associates, who claim not everybody can connect with contemporary-style living. Some people like to incorporate a traditional look inside the spaces they live in. And this house in Neram Road is a good example where we pursue that belief: the design should show who the owner occupants are, not what the outside world wants. In a nutshell, we wanted this house to evoke a villa-like feel. A major A+A (additionals and alterations) process carried out by an appointed architect meant that there is much free play in terms of space planning and layout – a huge advantage to us.

The use of classical elements creates a balance with the modern features of the fundamentally urban structure. Walking past the sprawling garden that leads to the open dining room at the back of the house, one enters a spacious living room, which has a lavishness that is offset by that balance of modernity. Of the five bedrooms in the house, the master suite has been designed to retain that classical theme the most. We used decorative plaster moldings to create a headboard feature to great effect, and custom built a TV cabinet which swivels around the room to allow viewing from both the lounge corner and on the bed. The tiling in all the bathrooms is luxurious and tasteful, yet these spaces do not draw excessive attention to themselves.[Photos and information received via e-mail by Ken Tan of KNQ Associates]

Now have a look at the “before” photos: