We received photos and information about a new furniture piece, especially designed to answer the needs of Hi-Tech enthusiasts. aSHELF by KREAFUNK combines the functionality and design of a shelf, with musics ability to create vibes and mood. aSHELF is excelent for use in kitchens, bedrooms, offices etc. aSHELF is great for use in your everyday life, as well as at parties. The possibilities are limitless.

According to the producers’ description, aShelf has a built in dock for iPhones and iPods, and a line-in/AUX for other media devices. It has a built in 2x20W digital amplifier as well as two 40W  full-tone speakers. The soft edges and matte black finish is easy for the eyes, and makes aSHELF by KREAFUNK suitable for any interior style. The shelf measures 31,5×11,8×2,4 inch (80x30x6 cm), and has a carrying capacity of 33 lbs (15 kg). It comes with a wallmount, and a remote control that allows you to browse through your music in iTunes. [Photos and information provided by KREAFUNK]