Ralston Avenue Residence is a project defined by Urrutia Design, in Mill Valley, California. The property was sold last summer for $ 4.85 million. It comes with an amazing view over the garden. The front’s house is adorned with imposing oak trees. Refreshing and breezy, the surrounding is pretty comfortable and it inspires tranquility. In days of leisure, daze and pleasure, the Ralston Avenue Residence is the right spot for disconnecting from a crowded lifestyle. Bricks, stone and wood mix together harmonically, “giving birth” to this spacious house, that accommodates six bedrooms and a smooth outdoor gathering area, ideal for tea, conversations or parties.

The designers tried to connect the inhabitant with the exterior through the opened space kitchen. The kitchen and the dinning area extend to the terrace, where you can invite people for barbecue on lazy summer days. Wrapped in the lush vegetation, which offers additional protection, the house looks more like a vacation resort than a city home. The interior is nothing but luxurious and the blend of brown tones with other neutral colours inspires some sort of “welcoming” sobriety, if you can imagine such a thing. The classic decoration and the smooth textures provide to the inhabitant a comfortable surrounding.