If you are into contemporary architecture, you will find this residential project, designed by the K2LD Architects in Singapore, beautiful and creative. Inspired by the traditional Malay architecture, the Winged House is split into adjacent forms, with a pair of trapeziums which mark the boundaries of the garden area . The odd structure offers an incredible view over the garden, integrating it into the living space. The protective roof, watching over the exterior gathering area, frames the terrace, the pool, the luxuriant maze of green turf that surrounds the inhabitable space. Unusual and imposing, the house inspires a relaxed ambient, that invites people to enjoy the outdoors and embrace the triangular-shaped wooden covering.

The extensive roofline is definitely the main attraction. The good thing is that this kind of structure encourages designers to pay more attention to ventilated spaces. Moreover, taking into account the exotic location, Singapore, the structure comes as a response to the tropical context. The trapeziums basically offer protection even on the rainy days, so if you feel like spending some time admiring the nature’s whims, you’d better prepare a cup of tea and let yourself inspired by the weather. In defining the project, the architects used materials of natural inspiration such as wood, stone and marble. The windows replace some of the walls, for a better connection with the green scenery. Ideal for relaxation sessions, the Winged House emphasises our permanent need of creative approaches towards good living.