We have spotted “More” on Design Rulz and we fell in love with the concept! Extremely modern and versatile, More is a modular furniture that changes forever the way we perceive space. It offers an infinite variety of solutions and it can be used in different contexts. Designed for both internal and external spaces, More is an interesting way to set creativity free. The central concept of this project, developed by the Italian designer, Giorgio Caporaso, was the transformability.

The rushed lifestyle demands permanent changes. When it comes to our homes, we think of the functional aspect of modern furniture, without neglecting the design. It’s very interesting to observe how a simple unit transforms itself into a shelving, a display or a seat. With More, you have endless possibilities. Not only that you adapt it to your space but you can also add the colours you want to it. What it’s really interesting is the easy assembling. Each element measures 45 x 45 x 5 cm, allowing you to create seats or resting platforms. To wrap it all up, More is the perfect item that helps you personalize environments, without even trying too hard. It’s linear, easy and fun! How do you feel about it?