We got used to the uniqueness of each new residential architecture project in Amsterdam and this timber frame family home is no exception. Designed by the creative team at Egeon Architecten, the family villa is located on the Rieteiland-Oost island in the IJburg residential development and offers a serene living and working space. The three levels of the residence accommodate the open plan living room on the bottom floor, the private areas in the middle and an office space to literally top it all.

According to the architects, the house was built with sustainability in mind, having “a heat pump and low temperature underfloor heating, natural ventilation, high insulation values of roof walls and floor, special heat-resistant glass, a sedum roof, attention to thermal bridging details and orientation”. Due to the extensive use of wood, the interiors look friendly and inviting, with large windows flooding them in natural light. The living room is by far the most welcoming room of the house, with its alluring lake views, its cute guitars and sometimes even its fluffy kitten. So bohemian!