Designed by São Paulo architect Isay Weinfeld and especially developed for a family of art collectors and their children, Yucatan House is impressive in size and design. Composed of no less than seven volumes, leaving room for a large pool area and generous garden, the concrete residence blends the two major functions- that of a gallery and that of a modern home. All the interiors are strongly connected with the outdoors, ensuring a healthy environment for the kids and adults alike.

According to the architects, “everything about the house somehow reflects that high-spirited family and their lifestyle: the combination of volumes, the organization of the areas, the choice of materials, the lighting, the greenery, the pool. The scattered layout leaves generous spaces between the volumes that, topped by a wood-covered ceiling slab, not only serve as circulation, but also shelter the main living room, the family room and the works of art“. Be sure to check out the architecture plans below for a better understanding of the project and let us know what you think of this original design approach!