Situated on a private golf course in New Mexico, the Country Club Residence is a house wrapped in marble, with distinctive details and with an incredible attention towards nature. The gorgeous project has been defined in 2011 by the architectural firm, Migdal Arquitectos. A truly particular home, imposing and edgy, the L-shaped residence has a south orientation.  The floor to ceiling windows offer some of the most amazing views over the house’s garden. Moreover, it gives you the feeling that the natural landscape blends harmonically with the interior, representing the perfect way to extend the living space and offer a symbolic value to it.

The interior is luxurious and glossy and it suggests that the client has pretentious design tastes. The space is breezy, inspiring lightness and transparence. In defining the L-shaped house, glass and wood have been used as main materials.  Plenty of modern elements of design, such as the distinctive illumination systems or the Earth colours, connect the inhabitant with the natural ambient. A smooth transition from the outside to the inside is made through giant sliding doors and windows. The terrace floor sneaks inside, becoming a part of the interior’s design plan. There’s no doubt that the sunlight has a big influence in creating a warm, cozy living space. On the other hand, the ultimate use of neutral palette of colours determine the merge of the two environments, creating an amazingly relaxed home.