When planning the design and layout of a home, the owners usually begin by considering aspects such as practicability or the comfort of its inhabitants.The brief for the Lucerne Residence however stated that this building had to be-above all- a cool place to accommodate classic vehicles. Daniel Marshall Architects responded to this challenge by developing a state-of-the-art contemporary structure, with a very elegant garage.

According to the architects, the approach was to “wrap the garaging around a central ‘pergatoria’ – a term coined by the Italian architect Terragni for an entry courtyard. The garage doors were detailed to disappear into the adjoining cedar exterior. This area also incorporates the entry,conceived as a three level atrium that entices the visitor up to the living level and to the eventual revelation of the views of the Auckland landscape beyond“. Different from every stand point, we believe this modern home set in a privileged area in New Zealand is a good example of opulent, yet stylish home design-how do you find it?