We received photos and information about an interesting recycling project imagined by artist Donald Fodness. We asked the designer for a subjective description of his works and here is what he replied: “My furniture combines handcrafted wood working and metal fabricating techniques with ready-made found objects. These pieces problem solve a desire to salvage and re-purpose common or discarded materials; this is both a conceptual exercise in un-labeling as well as a behavioral ethic. I am primarily a visual artist and my interest in making functional art objects relates to my interest in folk aesthetics. While primarily utilitarian, these furniture objects combine the constraint of aesthetically integrating a disparate form that transplants or embeds history and character into an otherwise newborn object.


Sideboard From Motorcycle Frame, Coat Tree, and Casters

For instance, the sideboard uses a motorcycle frame found on the roadside. The frame has a unique distortion from a collision making it impossible to reproduce. I responded to the negative spaces of the frame and constructed the plywood boxes to fit these spaces.  I devised special jigs to key spline each angled joint with wenge wood. I also fabricated unique brackets to mount the caster wheels. As an artist and furniture maker I value something to work against, or riff off, rather than dealing with a blank slate. This parallels the remixing of information prevalent with online culture”. So- would you consider having these items in your home?

Coffee table from a Row of Stadium Seating

Coffee Table Constructed From Two Institutional Chairs