McLeod Kredell Architects completed the design of an interesting looking modern farmhouse located in Middlebury, Vermont, United States. The main challenge for the architects when planning Foote Farm House was adapting modern features to the restricted design dictated by regional laws. Moreover, the goal was to “achieve the enduring qualities of architecture, without imitation or quotation“. The residence was especially developed for a professional couple and features an office area with a high level of privacy.

The architects further explain their approach: “The house is a simple bar oriented on the east-west axis, with one end tucked into wooded wetlands and the other reaching out into a meadow. The private spaces of the house are located at the west end, in the trees. The public spaces sit out in the meadow, with a long view to Buck Mountain in the north and solar gain from the south“. With subtle wooden additions, inspiring decorations and large windows, the entire home is invaded by light and warmth- enjoy the photos!