We stumbled across this beautiful vacation residence designed by TMS Architects and situated in a scenic town in New Hampshire, United States.The nearby lake is one of the many factors that probably influenced the position and design of this home. Its exterior made me thing of a typical suburban house, with white picket fences and friendly neighbors. At the same time, the residence lets out an impression of elegance and sophistication, due to the traditional details it exhibits.

Walk the rocky steps towards the main entrance and be amazed by the generously-sized living room, with a classic fireplace, large floor-to-ceiling windows framing the lake and an overall cozy atmosphere. Even though the style employed throughout is traditional, the interiors are spiced up by vibrant colorful decorations, making each functional space alive and alluring. How would you describe the feel of this house? Do you like its design more or less than that of the modern homes we usually feature on Freshome?