Too tired to go in the kitchen and turn off the lights? How about just switching it off via iPhone? This unusual lighting solution found on Technabob is another step towards that super-hi-tech future most of you guys dream of.  Greenwave Reality came up with a kit with innovative light bulbs, controllable with the help of a remote, but also via a mobile application. We found the idea intriguing, so we thought of sharing it further.

Here is how the system works (as explained by the developers): “By simply screwing in the bulbs, consumers can immediately begin to control their lights. The solution comes per-configured with “home,” “away” and “night” Smart Controls. For example, before bed, consumers can simply press the “night” Smart Control to turn off all lights, eliminating the need to go from room to room to turn lights off. Consumers can also create their own custom Smart Controls to fit their lifestyle, such as having outdoor lights automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn, and even integrating with motion sensors to automatically turn lights on or off when entering or exiting a room“. Find this new lighting system appealing?