Blending with the outdoor surroundings, Casa ML, designed by the Agras Arquitectos is one of those gorgeous homes one can only dream of. Located in Guadalajara, Mexico, the residence is a fine example of contemporary architecture. The architects stated that the main idea was to eliminate the boundaries between the inhabitable place and the public space. As they say, “the project proposes the dissolution between urban and residential boundaries; the street transforms into plaza and the interior becomes a garden that overlaps within the private and the public. Space configuration becomes a variable resulting from the interplay between light and shadow.”

A beautiful fountain overlooks the courtyard’s tidy greensward, reflecting in its water, the surreal images of the cotton-like clouds. The immaculately white structure has two floors, connected through a wood and glass staircase. As you step inside, a juggle of wavy wooden details dominate the opened space living room. Exhaling comfort and sophistication, Casa ML is light and breezy. A certain Zen-like vibe is spread all around the house. Perceived as a spectacular play of surfaces and textures, the interior is flooded with light and freshness. The massive use of glass confers transparence, creating the illusion of a larger space. Accommodating the bedrooms – each of them with relaxing garden views, the upper level is a volumetric horizontal structure with glass-enclosed balconies and with an opened view over the living room and the dining area. Clean-lined and updated, Casa ML promises a stress-free environment. Don’t we all dream of that?