The Russian design studio SL Project has managed to innovate the interior of the Housing Problem project, a small apartment located in Moscow,  through a colorful illumination system. Ever heard of home colour therapy? In order to solve a real problem, the lack of space, the team put a spell on the dwelling and added a fun element. The main idea of this entire concept was to bring a bright colorful scent into a home that sometimes tends to get boring. Colours have the ability to influence our mood. Moreover, a certain ambiance can be created with limited resources. This ingenious rainbow-like illumination system is ideal for those who want to “add some colour”  to their lives and let’s face it, once in a while, we all feel like doing so!

Small apartments are the most exposed to the “boredom” effect. When it comes to colours, the choices are always made based on subjective tastes. For a romantic evening, one can choose to “paint” the room all red. Emphasizing particular elements becomes an easy process because the light is smoothly led wherever you want it to. Not only that you can move the focus from one element of decor to another, but you can also put different light effects on different items. Purple, green and red for instance can blend, creating a warm atmosphere, without getting too extravagant. There are a dozen of colourful possibilities, after all! It’s just a matter of discovery and intriguing experiments!