Aiming at cheering up some of the streets in Sao Paolo, Brazil, artists Anderson Augusto, also known as SÃO, and Leonardo Delafuente, also known as Delafuente collaborated in the development of the project entitled 6emeia. The duo managed to reinvent quite a few otherwise “gray” and unattractive urban elements, such as storm drains, light posts, manhole covers or fire hydrants.

Aside from making each and every trip to work more exciting for the residents of the city, the new paintings have an important role: they manage to bring art a bit closer to the individual. Each of the painted urban elements tells a story, which passers-by can interact with. Sewers are no longer dull side-walk items which one usually neglects, if not avoids, they are vibrant, colorful works of art, which children and adults alike will fall for. Therefore, we salute this joy-inducing street art project and we can hardly wait to post similar works on Freshome!