With a privileged location in one of the  most culturally appealing regions of the Iberian Peninsula, Villa Extramuros  in Alto-Alentejo, Portugal is a touch of modernity in an otherwise unspoiled historic area. The new residence sits atop of a hill, offering scenic views. Its architecture is an intriguing combination of old and new: “Surrounded by an extensive olive grove, the scale and form of implementation recover the concept of the old manor houses of the Alentejo. Nevertheless, its architectural features derive also from the clear lines of modern and contemporary architecture“.

The massive 800 square meter residence features two levels and it was especially built in order to serve as a home for its owners, but as a small hotel as well. According to the architects, “this distribution of space reflects also the spatial organization of the ancient monasteries of the region, with dining room, chapter room and kitchen grouped around a central cloister“. The building encloses an inner patio, ensuring a good flow of natural light through the interiors. What are your thoughts on this project and its location?