Guaranteed to “give burglars–and dirty shoes–the brush off”, Reed Wilson’s idea for a doormat is not just practical, but also fun. Well, technically, it is only fun if you live in a safe neighborhood, but this is another story. “The neighbors have better stuff” is the message displayed by this unusual door rug, a cool design idea with an insight on the inhabitant’s sense of humor. We can’t help but imagine a real burglar’s reaction to this type of message- do you think he’s fall for it?

All in all, we appreciate the simplicity of this design and the fact that it stands out, due to a creative approach. Priced $50 The Neighbours Have Better Stuff Doormat  ( click this link to buy it )  is an interesting front-door addition that will draw attention, despite its “unfriendly” message. If you believe this tiny doormat will do the trick and send thieves on their way, or if you just consider it an original design idea to have around the house, feel free to click the buy bottom below and purchase it for your home.

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