Yashihiro Yahomoto Architect Atelier has defined in the contrasting city of Nara, Japan, a modern residential project for a young couple. Niu House breaks the boundaries of traditional design and becomes a point of attraction for the passers-by. Between loads of prefabricated homes and sharp Japanese houses, the house’s volumetric division is a visual bless. In fact, it implies another type of segmentation: the white structure is dedicated to the “social gatherings” while the black section is more private. Accommodating a bathroom, a bedroom, a utility room and a soundproof studio, the black structure is an intimate retreat for the couple. A small wooden deck completes the picture, serving as a relaxation spot for evenings seasoned with tea and conversations.

The house spreads over 220,36 square meters and is entirely made of wood. Compact, cosy and comfortable, the house is spacious enough to accommodate even a small courtyard between the two volumes.The air and the light pass through to the kitchen, creating the optimum environment for cooking and chatting. Wood is the element of design that embraces the Japanese simplistic style. From the furnishing, to the staircase, everything is wrapped with its elegance. The house is the size of an apartment but the architects proved that good segmentation can solve space problems. Perfect for the young, Niu House is a good example that sometimes, simplicity can work as well as a rich detail oriented design.