Duch-Pizá Architects completed House for Kika and Xisco, an intriguing looking modern residence in Palma, Spain. especially developed for a family with five children. An optimum indoor-outdoor connection was one of the main objectives when planning, the residence featuring plenty of windows and opening up towards a small courtyard garden and a larger green space on the western side. The building also unexpected piercings in the roof and floors, for a good light flow.

Coming out with a perfect layout for the residence came with its challenges: “The program, for a family with five children, requires the maximal optimization. This effort is visible in the sections: the fixed banks are also skylights that allow the light pass through and get to the basement (one of the best places in the house), the staircase becomes a big library, bedrooms communicate with sliding doors so that five bedrooms are grouped into two galleries“. How would you comment on this project’s appearance and structure?