CRAC Side Table was designed by Alexandre Moronnoz with more than just a functional and aesthetic purpose. As the designer explains, “the project functions like a sign or an omen. It features the paradox of the non-used, or even non usable, useful object and the ecological breakdowns incurred. The primary resources for manufacturing products are being consumed. The deforestation taking place in certain forests highlights, more than the unbridled consumption of objects, this irrepressible desire for consumption“.

The rectangular table comes with a very original design, mimicking a piece of wood that has been broken off from a larger one. According to Mocoloco, the project was achieved with the help of trips of ash glued together with “unfinished” ends, that resemble jagged sides of a broken tree. We like the way this table blends in an interior and we absolutely love the concept that stood at the basis of the project. How do you find this design?