Vivid and enchanting, the Case Inlet Retreat is located in the middle of the woods, in the Puget Sound region of Washington. Since nature plays such an important role in our lives, MW/Works Architecture & Design thought of integrating it into the inhabitable space. The environmentally-oriented house aims to eliminate the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors, welcoming  trees and luxuriant vegetation inside the house. The floor to ceiling windows flood the living area with light. Warm and cozy, the  wooden cedar details adorn the living area, creating the perfect spot for relaxing and taking a break from today’s hectic lifestyles.

Despite the rustic location, the house has a modern look. The water views are simply staggering. The woods, mystic-like in their appearance seem to be the perfect setting to recharge your batteries. You can practically touch the trees from your bedroom. A small balcony and a wood terrace complete this gorgeous picture. Simple, elegant and relaxing, the Case Inlet Retreat aims to satisfy even the tastes of even the most demanding vacationer.  Now, we would like to know how do you feel about this “weekend retreat?” Does the concept fit your style?