Away from the city rush, the Mandai Courtyard House is a peaceful retreat, a particular residential project, defined in 2011 by the Atelier M+A in Mandai, Singapore. The uniqueness of this house consists in being a simple one-level bungalow, with a gorgeous interior courtyard.  Large sliding glass panels allow a smooth transition between the indoor and the outdoor, connecting the man with his authentic inhabitable environment. The living room and the dining area are also connected to the outdoor through a glossy, narrow wooden deck. Simple and refined, the interior lacks additional décor items, that might disrupt the mellow calm and tidy atmosphere.

The client’s desire was to keep the Mandai Courtyard House as simple as possible, without building a second floor. The interior courtyard has been imagined as the core of the house. Exploring possibilities and challenging boundaries, the designers tried to concentrate everything around the doughnut-like structure: “The ‘doughnut’ configuration allows the owner to enjoy a secured outdoor space inside the building during the evenings after work, while the roof laid with timber deck above the living/dining space is an ‘outdoor living/dining space’ during parties and gathering”. Exhaling serenity and keeping a peaceful atmosphere, the Mandai Couryhard House is surrounded by a maze of white pebble stones. The light tones and the white empower the structure with a strong visual resonance of purity, creating the perfect environment for meditation. You can spend hours looking at the smooth, candy-cotton clouds and experience the serenity of a zen spot, flooded with wisps of simplicity.