Poland based architect Dagmara Obluska sent us images and information about a very interesting architecture project. The unusal design and shape of the Swing house in Warsaw, Poland were the result of the strict guidelines given by the owners.Here is more from the press release we were sent:  “To avoid confined spaces with onerous slants, which often become a nightmare roof, the roof is designed with numerous extended dormer windows and niches. This kind of roof allows for a large use without a significant increase in volume. Raise the ceiling in exactly the desired point. Such a solution is suitable for functional reasons, but also has aesthetic values.

The ground floor has been designed primarily as an open-seating area. The bright and spacious atmosphere in the living room is enhanced by the natural colors and shiny materials including mirrors, marble, granite, which reflect both the light from the large windows and artificial lighting point spread in many places. One of the most interesting features is the window in the living room – glazed bay window with height reaching to second floor illuminating not only the ground but also a mezzanine. The attractive balustrade is a smart combination of plasterboard reinforced with steel frame. The column design, which supports the stairs, is another interesting highlight. Decoration placed on the shelves, repeats the theme of stair railings”. So…would you enjoy living in a place like this?