Spotted on, the Dog House Sofa, designed by “min n mun  is a fantastic piece of furnishing, ideal for you and your pet. All you have to do is relax and enjoy a tidy home, without worrying that your dog will turn the house upside down. Enhancing the connection between the man and his best small companion, the designer came up with the brilliant idea that allows them to better share emotions and communicate in a way they never did before.The Dog House Sofa is a modern couch, made of ash wood and comfy fabrics, that catches your dog’s interest in a second.

By combining a sofa concept with a dog house, the artist wanted to raise the awareness of how important it is to live harmonically, pointing out on the fact that the living space is not only destined for humans. Since his cute little house comes attached to the sofa, he will no longer sneak under it, looking for your attention. The nice thing is that the designer humanized the pet’s furnishing as much as possible. By blending together the two elements, the sofa and the dog house, he created a linking point between the dog and his master. The functional design allows you to use the top of the dog’s house as a coffee table.