Another ravishing dream home caught our attention. The brilliant masterminds from Tate Studio Architects completed the Pass Residence, an enchanting spot, “lost” in the middle of the arid region of Arizona. With a specific mysticism, the site is populated with fickle vegetation, resistant to the harsh, hallucinating climate. Capturing the essence of the surroundings, this particularly beautiful house is a staggering example of Southwestern refinement. Stake-stone walls assimilate the desert’s scent, exposing strong geometric shapes and a stunning patio with an infinity pool, a fireplace and other unique architectural features. The house looks wonderful at night, when the tender moon rays overlook the peaceful site.

The lounge area invokes an Olympian type of experience, especially at dawn, when the light overshadows the region, embracing the mix of dark blues and indigo tones. The landscaping is mostly welcomed inside the house, through a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. For a more dramatic effect of natural scent, suspended wooden beams and rectangular wood panels decorate the living room. The outdoor and the indoor blend together, emphasising the special connection between man and nature. When it comes to furnishing, there’s a phrase that says it all: “keep it neutral”. Beautiful and staggering, Pass Residence is bold and modern, without trying too much. It remains a breathtaking monument  in a region of solitude.