Designed by Los Angeles based firm Griffin Enright Architects, Ross Residence opens up towards a beautiful natural landscape located in a small town just north of San Francisco, Ross, California. The home is perfectly settled between a stream and a steep hillside, offering its inhabitants a healthy and remote living space. According to the architects, ” entry to the site occurs via an existing bridge that crosses a small stream to a new entry made of charcoal concrete board that wraps around a new foyer and becomes a floating bench“.

The environmental energy is preserved in the elegant interiors, all showcasing large floor to ceiling windows and state-of-the-art materials: “A custom fabricated, textured ceiling made of CNC milled MDF enhances acoustics and integrates a seemingly randomized lighting pattern, while reflecting light into the space. The loft-like living space opens to the north, optimizing the view of a luminous landscape that is perfectly lit for the majority of the day.  A custom white powder-coated steel hearth floats off the wall and provides seating at the fireplace”. We know there are probably many things “right” with the design of this residence, but can you see anything wrong with it?