Andalucian Villa, designed by the London-based studio, McLean Quinlan Architects, is one of the best examples of luxury homes that integrate perfectly in the breathtaking landscape of Spain. With an impressive view upon the Mediterranean shores, the exquisite residence is perfect for summer vacations and endless lounge sessions, away from the rushed urban hours. The tranquil Andalucian landscape embraces the inhabitable place, with its siesta, flavors and its mellow sun. Unforgettable summer memories, this is the place where you are supposed to kiss my forehead!

The enchanting residence is structured on two levels, accommodating seven bedroom suits, stone terraces and a lap pool, which offers a stunning view upon the scenery. As you step inside the house a long narrow corridor carries you into a spacious opened kitchen living room area. The overflowing blend of neutral colours is interrupted by tasteful shades of vibrant green. Black transparent short curtains complete the interior with a subtle, graceful elegance. The designers imagined a home that exhales purity and relaxation, complementing the human eye with both, tasteful design and breathtaking views. Due to the visual impact, the team that developed the project admitted that this very own peaceful site served them as an inspiration: “Landscaping was key to the concept for this dramatic site and the combination of visual, solar and centrifugal influences inherent in the landscape created a natural orientation for the building – as a series of parallel surfaces on a NE/SW axis.”