When the idyllic scenery and the tradition of Britain’s architectural countryside heritage come together, the result is spectacular. Contemporary times meet the Victorian Age, creating a perfect commitment between old and new. The Radcliff House is one of the finest luxury homes ever seen in Oxford, built and designed entirely by Millegate Homes, an award-winning housebuilding company. The excellent British prestige is captured inside the walls of this georgeous residence accommodating five bedroom suits, an opened space living room, a kitchen and dining area, a games room and a study room. Spreading on three levels the house is a mix of sophisticated glossy surfaces and classic furnishing. Patterns and elegant prints cover the walls and the sofas, invoking that particular classy sprinkle of royal treatment.

Minimalism is not an option. The house has been designed for individuals who admire opulence and apreciate the classic value of luxury, with its overflowing grace towards details. Wood, curtains, patterns, chandeliers, velvet – an abundance of elements that meet up for “party”, embrace everything in timeless elegance. The boldness of gold and silver shadings interrupt the palette of neutral colours. Undoubtedly, the quality of materials is exceptional. Every element of décor is a lesson about style. The house facilitates access to a swimming pool and a summer house. The site is beautiful and tranquil, a perfect spot to start exploring the authentic elements of England’s countryside.