A rocky valley near Seoul served as an inspiration for completing the Villa Topoject project, imagined and developed by the ADN firm (Architecture of Novel Differentiation). The irregularities and the intersection of the different plans blend with the surroundings without disturbing the environment too much. The exquisite black cedar house, placed in a staggering site with luxuriant vegetation rises gently from the ground, showcasing a swirlish structure. The roof top is all covered in grass, giving you the feeling that you are having a refreshing walk through the maze of savage greenery. The interesting part is that you can access the roof by foot. It’s like your climbing a small scale hill and guess what, you find yourself admiring the breathtaking mountainous landscape from the top of it.

The house keeps a very contemporary look. The ground floor unveils a glass and wood structure, extended with a deck. The emerald green scenery reflected in the water, the pebble stones and vegetation complete the site. Due to the project’s location, the architects have chosen to welcome glimpses of the environment, letting unpretentious wild plants  “grow” undisturbed and after all, creating a breezy oasis of green, inside. The first floor accommodates a bright living room, a bedroom and a study area and it opens up toward to south view through a small terrace. The house is ideal for couples who search to enrich their rural experiences, without dettaching from the urban lifestyle.