The shores of the Pacific Ocean inspired the Mexican architect, Alberto Kalach to create an exceptional luxurious mansion with a stunning view, catching every sunrise and sunset, nearby the waters. The Atalaya project lies on a 1,100 square foot of ground, mixing in an impeccable way, basic materials used in the industrial design, such as concrete, neon light or stainless steel with wood and marble to create the perfect climate for wellness. The mansion made entirely of concrete reveals a structure nothing but industrial. The labyrinthian shape and the different concrete blocks generate a certain atmosphere filled with coolness.

The most impressive thing about the Atalaya mansion is the surrounding landscape. The mountains, the valley and the ocean itself offer some of the most spectacular images one can only dream about. The interior is a mix of neutral marble, concrete, glass and natural wood. A modern breezy home, in a few words. The hardwood beams and the comfy soft carpets from the living areas inspire that warmth you were looking all around this sterile space. Thanks to the irregular shape of the building, the well preserved wild vegetation is a major attraction for its inhabitants. As you discover the house, you end up wandering on long corridors with ‘secret’ staircases entirely made of marble. Along the corridors the artificial neon light carries your steps, but as soon as you enter the homey rooms, your eyesight is flooded by natural light. A part of the roof is covered with vegetation, just like a suspended garden, somehow immersing into the wild and savage landscape. At the upper level, there’s a lap pool seasoned with a row of lounge chairs for your relaxation and wellness sessions.