Sixty miles east of the jostling streets of Kuta and Seminyak are the Jasri Beach Villas, a pair of pristine villas bordering the attenuating seas of the Indian Ocean and lush jungle of East Bali. Camouflaged against the exotic landscape, the villa estate only reveals itself to those searching for the ultimate retreat. Finished with hand-dressed stone and Merbau wood, the owner/architect Warren Sunnland in collaboration with Bali Mekar Studio envisioned traditional Balinese bales or pavilions amidst a living, breathing backdrop, brilliantly furnished with luxury in mind.

The villas elegantly juxtapose traditional Balinese architecture with the finesse of contemporary design. The interior space is superbly functional, mashing together the best of digital-age comforts—flat screen televisions, infinity pool, spa, air condition, walk in showers, without redefining the architect’s original concept of bringing the true essence of Bali in and through each space. At night, the villa estate lights up under the stars, leaving you feeling weightless and malleable as the warm night air whisks you away to a dream-like state of mind. [Photos and information courtesy of Tai Sunnland]