Slightly unusual, this triangular brick house, located in a villa park village in North Holland, has been completed a couple of months ago, by the Dutch architectural firm, Baksvan Wengerden. Their “mission” was to restore the SH House, a 1932 building, by enlarging the living space and making it more comfortable. Due to the houses’s authentic robust look, the architects decided to use concrete, in order to blend into the same rugged and bold architectural style. They added a front asymmetric extension, which connects the open plan ground floor with the lively courtyard. The hallucinant green colour pierces the wide, ample ethereal windows creating an effect of proximity and a special connection between the human and his natural habitat.

The ground floor consists of two large sections, a living room and an open space kitchen. An unusual fireplace has been chosen in completing the house’s simplistic, yet elegant design. Edgy and interesting, the suspended fireplace marks the  boundaries between the eating and cooking area and the leisure place. The hardwood staircase connects the ground floor with the first and second floor, the house being more spacious than it actually looks. Ambiguous and contrasting, the SH House is an interesting mix of new and old, emphasizing its unique features and embracing the lawless lines of asymmetry.