Japanese design studio Nendo envisioned an interesting Starbucks coffee shop version in Tokyo, where customers can order coffee by taking “books” to the counter. The pop-up library is called ‘Starbucks Espresso Journey’ and consists of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves containing book sleeves with nine differently colored covers, each representing a particular type of coffee. Inside the original book cases, clients will find information about the coffee types available for drinking.

Visitors can stroll around the space, freely pulling books off the shelves to read and choose the drink that best suits them. At the counter, visitors can trade the book for an actual espresso drink, but retain the book cover which tells them about the drink they have chosen, to use as a book cover, as they like. The ‘library’ invites visitors to choose an espresso drink as they would a book, and verse themselves in espresso drinks as though quietly entering into a fictional world“, explain the designers at Nendo. Find the overall design idea interesting?