R/D House was envisioned by Tel Aviv-based Paritzki & Liani Architects as an original single family residence in a seaside location in Hofit, Israel. The exterior architecture of the residence is interesting to say the least: “In order to give the gradients a shape we redesigned the site with oblique planes connected linearly and following the axis of the orientation of the curves of the various levels. Then we inserted the volume of the house as though it were a further new tense line in the fabric of the territory“, explained the architects.

The continuation of the house’s topography can even be appreciated from the inside; this is because the living room has a long window which visually connects the gardens at various levels as well as the two extremities of the lot. The site/block begins as an incision into the ground to carve out the service area and the garage, and then it slowly curves by gradations to arrive at the entrance/living room and then to re-emerge in the zigzagging of the blocks built on two levels overlooking the sea“. The plan of the house leaves plenty of room for an internal patio with a high outdoor relaxation potential.