The thing with the Swedish furniture brand, A2  is that they try to innovate the furniture market and they have all our respect for that. Recently they transformed a…”hocus pocus” concept into a creative desk for laptops. For a simple white furnishing item, Hidden has its own little tricks. The desk is quite intuitive and functional and it adapts to you needs. So basically you can use it as a workstation or as a lamp support and still have plenty of space for small stuff to deposit. Having a minimalistic design, Hidden is not the type of desk that needs a special treatment or a special design style to fit in.

With a daring concept in mind, the designers wanted to overcome the boundaries of normality and develop daring projects for edgy individuals.  You do your work and as the name sais it, you…hide your work. It slides over the notebook, providing you a clean, neat surface for whatever small items you usually store on your desk. No matter how small your office is, you can easily sneak Hidden inside. To get a better understanding of the concept, here is what the designers have to say: “Depending on the position of the movable part the computer is either hidden away or easily accessed. Hidden suits laptops up to 15 inch and can for example be placed in the bedroom, living room or hallway.” So, did Hidden make an impression on you or not?