Nothing can shatter the supremacy of black colour. Vasiliy Butenko showcased through his work a powerful chromatic experience. Recently he has managed to design the interior of a fascinating apartment in Crimea, Ukraine, using the power of black to create a sophisticated home, that embraces in a very original perspective the absence of…colour. Inspiring a sober elegance, the apartment fits individuals with exquisite tastes, who can apreciate the refined flair of good design. By blending dark patterns and textures, the designer  caught the  very own core of “gorgeous gloom”.

Beautiful accents of unique details on the walls, a sort of modern leaf-like bas relief embellish the living area, while stunning black petals chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The “black theme” is reflected even in some of the furnishing such as the minimalistic ” all in black” kitchen or the dining area. The walls seem to play an important role in defining the aesthetics of this loft. A staggering basket like braiding dresses some of the interior walls. It made me think that this the result of an artist that has envisioned the beauty of surrealism and adapted it for home décor. The recessed bed is quite somptuos. It spreads on a plinth, together with a small couch, ideal for lecture or other leisure activity. Despite the stiff minimalism that characterises most of the nowadays lofts,  V. Butenko managed to convey a particular coziness, as a result of the “excessive” use of patterns.