We received photos and information about an interesting table design envisioned and implemented by Novae Architecture. According to the official press release we were sent, the office is dedicated to developing “an innovative design approach in a complex and sustainable dynamic of reality. NOVAE conceives form and space organization as a tool able to modify a real matter, in its physical and social implications, opening to the possibility of a reality where better opportunities and quality of life can be created. FOLDONE table expresses a new dynamic position, with a strong conceptual abstraction. It evolves in a continuum of folding  surfaces, giving a contemporary spirit to space.

Dynamism and transformation are concepts which describe this design generated by research into the perception of movement: surfaces are folded, creating continuity, into functional spaces able to accommodate objects. A designed component as a new vision of furniture, where steel plays the role of a contemporary character”. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Novae Architecture]